It’s easy to put professional development on the back burner when you’re employed. If you already have a job, why should you go above and beyond to improve yourself particularly if your company doesn’t require you to?

While some organisations provide professional development for their staff, many have cut back on development beyond the immediate position description in order to cost-cut and remain competitive. More importantly, what is offered may not always be in line with what you really want or need for your career.

There is no fast track or quick fix to managing careers. It takes hard work and persistence, which is something that many of us avoid. Making an effort to help yourself grow professionally will help you succeed, both in the short term and in the long term. If you don’t learn new skills and acquire new knowledge and experience, you’re likely to fall behind your peers. If you do, you may find yourself struggling to find a job or feeling trapped in employment that is not meaningful.

Here are some professional development ideas:

  • Read a professional journal, books, or article
  • Expand your skills and knowledge by completing a courses or e-Learning (e.g. Pluralsight and Udemy)
  • Attend a conference or webinar
  • Join a committee or professional associations

Every day you have opportunities to take control of your career and develop yourself. Pick ONE moment this week to step up and work on your career.

These small changes can mean the world of difference to how we see, and feel about ourselves. It’s in changing how we see ourselves that we change our entire world.

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