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In today’s fast evolving business world organisational and workforce change can be difficult to manage. Whether your organisation is restructuring due to downsizing, merger/acquisition or site closure, Agile Transitions is here to assist. From start to finish our highly skilled career transition and outplacement consultants are there to help you navigate the changes calmly, ethically and professionally. As your organisational and workforce change partner, we will give you the guidance you need to ensure business continuity, while maintain your employer brand, and keep remaining employees engaged.

Why use an outplacement specialist?

            As an employer in today’s corporate environment you’ll know just how important it is to maintain care and respect for your staff. And in these times of viral social media your company’s image can be seriously damaged by ex-employees disgruntled about poorly executed retrenchments. Outsourcing a quality redundancy consultancy will ensure a properly formulated and implemented redundancy plan that leaves all parties feeling valued, optimistic and well equipped to face the future. Not to mention leaving your remaining team free to carry on with your all-important core business.

Why choose Agile Transitions?

When you partner with Agile Transitions, you reap the benefits of the long experience of one of Australia’s leading career transition and outplacement specialists. Our commitment to an optimal outcome for your company’s redundancy plans is reflected in our meticulous attention to detail, our empathy and our wide professional knowledge and skills. Plus we bend over backwards to help you formulate the right plan for your particular circumstances. You can choose to implement just a few elements of our redundancy service, or leave the whole process to us, from start to finish.


“You effortlessly guided me through my transition… Working together your enthusiasm and energy were infectious”.


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